About the Artist


Stephen Wells has been creating since the age of 4, and was blessed to make the symbiotic connection between music and his passion for the visual arts just a few years ago. Beginning with mostly stencils, moving on to oils, and eventually settling into acrylics, he was able to find a productive balance between mediums, while drawing inspiration from working alongside some incredibly talented musicians. Today he is experimenting with mold-making and resin casting to bring an entirely different dimension to his upcoming work.


..::As Above -:|:- So Below::..


His current body of work represents a new found breath of life, a different way of creating and being inspired personally, taking into account every brush stroke. Each piece is connected, as if it were its own multidimensional ecosystem, several layers fused and cultivated together to create a living entity. Without a framework an environment will crumble, and in essence this is what he is trying to convey. We are one, at the most basic level of consciousness and molecular make up. Each element has its place and they thrive together as we should.



Past Events

2009 - Trinumeral 999

2009-2011 - DEXFEST Resident Artist

2011 - Tribe 13 Gallery Showcase

2011 - Nashville Art Crawl "Space" Gallery

2011 - Synthesis: An Evening of Art and Inspiration

2012 - Symbiosis

2012 - Impulse Music & Arts Festival


Upcoming Events

2012 - The Temple of Devotion by ImagineDo

2013 - Alignment Horizon



"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."
Ludwig Van Beethoven